Sifu Bobby started his training early in the martial arts when he was seven years old and had his first opportunity to instruct in his twenties. Very early on, he strived in tournament competition and had achieved many accolades. He is currently a 4th degree black belt and has over 20 yrs. of combined training and instructing experience in the martial arts. His concentration of study has mainly been the Pallen’s Martial Arts System founded by SGM Max M. Pallen Sr which has a predominant base in Kajukenbo and the Philippine Martial Arts. The Pallen’s System has also integrated Tae Kwon Do , Jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga. Early on in his career, Sifu Bobby ventured outside of the martial arts to broaden his business knowledge in the corporate world where he excelled as a regional manager, trainer, and independent owner of his own successful businesses. Although he embraced being an entrepreneur, he never lost his passion as a martial artists and would then return to own and operate his own successful schools with his children to continue the Pallen family legacy. His lifelong goal is to make an impact in the communities by developing his students to have a champion spirit in the martial arts and in life!

“Success is not measured only by how high I climb, but by how many people I bring with me.” – Sifu Bobby Pallen